Adopt a Project Program

The Deacons are suggesting a way you can help your church get ready for when we can meet as a group again. We are hoping and praying it will be soon.

The Deacons have developed an “Adopt a Room and or Adopt a Project” program that perhaps you can help us with. .

We will provide protective mask, gloves and all the supplies you will need. We can work with you to gain access to the church building at schedule times that are convenient for you and when there will not be others working in the same area to insure social distancing is maintained.

If you are interested please contact any of the Deacons at the email addresses below;

Mike Kee
Dave Deegan
Bob Sylvester
Tyler Toth

Please include the project or projects you would like to complete and the time and day you will be coming.

The projects are broken into two groups, inside and outside task and are listed on the following pages.

  • Clean and organize sheds.
  • Caulk and Paint trim on windows of Fellowship Hall
  • Weed around the church property
  • Remove tape residue  from columns at main entrance
  • Plant flowers in various flower beds
  • Help remove red stone along grass area in driveway and back fill with topsoil which will be provided


Foyer, Sanctuary and Hallways

  • Wash windows in foyer and entrances


  • Wash/disinfect  railings above glass


  • Clean all counters & furniture in class rooms and wipe down and organize toys and materials.
  • Clean all counters & furniture in 2’s and 3’s room and wipe down and organize toys and materials.
  • Wash all chalk or white boards
  • Dust or wash displays mounted hallway walls.
  • Wash window ledges


  • Wash down partitions and all walls
  • Deep clean sinks (very stained)


  • Wash down and disinfect all furniture, toys and counter tops


  • Paint men’s room.
  • Paint ladies room
  • Touch up paint main hallway
  • Install Ice Maker in Gym kitchen  (plumbing skills are needed for this project)
  • Paint foyer area by side door
  • Install hose bib to newly seeded water side lot  (plumbing skills are needed for this project)

     Orange team members

  • Clean and organize chapel.
  • Clean and organize office

Just prior to church services starting back up we will undertake a major campaign to disinfect the common areas and the sanctuary. So there is no need to address those areas currently.